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Moneta stablecoins, are cryptocurrencies designed to maintain a stable value over time, making them ideal for commercial transactions. A digital coin backed by fiat currency offers a stable and decentralized means of trading value while using a common accounting unit for individuals and organizations. We suggest a mechanism to establish a 1-1 reserve ratio between a cryptocurrency coin, called Moneta, and its related real-world asset, fiat currency, in order to maintain transparency and ensure equilibrium in the exchange price.

The introduction of stablecoins in the cryptocurrency market ushered in a new wave of liquidity, as exchanges are able to provide trading pairs with tokens representing traditional fiat currencies.

Moneta coin maintains its purchasing power and should have the lowest possible inflation. A Stablecoin to provide a solution to achieve the ideal economic behavior. The company is supporting and building the relevant infrastructure to suit all the geographies under one umbrella. The world needs an efficient ecosystem, that will support the global demand.
"Digital transformation lets the world reimagine itself – and Moneta is happy to be among the changemakers by enabling customer-centric services and lasting relationships."




In our solution, fiat pegged cryptocurrencies are called “Moneta”. All Monetas will initially be issued on the blockchain so they exist as a cryptocurrency token.


Supported Countries and Currencies

See the list of Moneta Supported Countries and Currencies.


Stack and Processes

Each Moneta issued into circulation will be backed in a one-to-one ratio with the equivalent amount of corresponding fiat currency held in reserves by Moneta Limited. As the custodian of the backing asset we are acting as a trusted third party responsible for that asset.


Flow of Funds

Users can obtain Monetas outside of the aforementioned process via an exchange or another individual. Once a Moneta enters circulation it can be traded freely between any business or individual.

Proof of Reserves

Moneta’s Proof of Reserves configuration is novel because it simplifies the process of proving that the total number of Monetas in circulation (liabilities) are always fully backed by an equal amount of fiat currency held.

Main Applications

The main applications of Monetas across the blockchain ecosystem and for other consumers globally.



Buy Moneta Tokens

Moneta tokens are ERC20 tokens created and hosted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Moneta Tokens

See the list of our Tokens.

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